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Got to Believe (2013 - 2014) + @bernardokath's tweets



Day 6  I can’t breathe:

How the original plot of SDTG ended:

A year after Athena Dizon passed away, Kenji received a video tape containing a recorded video taken by Athena herself, days before she died. In the video, Athena asks Kenji to be happy and that he should not worry about her. Athena breaks down in the later part of the video, expressing how much it saddens her to be away from him. But she promised Kenji that she will wait— she will wait no matter how long.

Not wanting to prolong Athena’s agony and longing, Kenji decides to commit suicide, in the hope that they will meet each other in the afterlife. Similarly, Kenji made a suicide note through a pre-recorded video explaining why he’s going to end his life. The story ends with Kenji uttering his last words, "Athena, I love you…this much." 

Kenji used to say that 'I can't breathe' is his way of saying 'I love you'. In a similar manner, he said how much he loves Athena as he took his last breath.

Show them. Show them how lucky you are. Show them how proud you are. Show them how inlove you are. Show them how sorry you are. Show her. Because after all, you are still the lucky one.

Diet, Maya? Sampung taong gulang ka palang, diet na ang lumalabas sa bibig mo? Mabuti pang maghanap na ako ng bagong Mommy mo para ng sa ganon, may babaeng nagbabantay sayo. Kasi alam mo kung hindi kita kakilala, iisipin kong taga-parlor ka.

DJ’s message at the #SDTG’s Victory Party